Advanced Meat Curing Chamber At Home

I have been curing meats at home for almost two years. My initial results were encouraging but then it all went downhill. The biggest problem was high humidity. I tried many ways to fix it but nothing really worked. About 4-5 months ago I  made another change to my meat curing chamber.  This change finally helped me start getting […]

How To Cook Brats On The Stove

A step by step on how to cook brats on the stove. A simple yet very effective recipe that results in super flavorful and juicy bratwurst. |

As I was writing about the best way to cook brats, which inevitably involves a grill, I couldn’t help but think about the best way to cook brats when you don’t have a grill. How do you cook brats without a grill and still get exceptional results?  For me the answer is quite simple: you pan […]

How to Cook a Perfect Steak on the Stove

Learn how to make a perfect steak on the stove with this easy to follow guide.The best way to cook a steak indoors is to start with pan searing and finish in the oven. The steak will be perfectly caramelized on the outside and tender inside. Then let it rest and finish quickly in the oven. This will give the a perfectly cooked, tender and juicy steak every time. The best steak ever. |

Can a steak cooked on the stove have the same smoky flavor and the char that a charcoal grilled steak has? Never! Can a stove top steak be just as juicy, tender and flavorful? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, as the temperature on the stove is easier to control, it’s that much easier to […]

How to Fry Chicken Wings (Extra Tender)

Learn how to fry chicken wings to make them super tender and flavorful. Try this recipe, you will love it. Chicken wings are first pan seared then cooked covered over low heat. All done in 30 minutes. |

Traditionally, fried chicken wings are floured or battered and then pan-fried, deep fried, or pressure fried. The breading adds that nice, crispy exterior that many enjoy. But let me offer you an alternative. How about intensely flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender fried chicken wings? Here is my quick and easy pan fried chicken wings recipe that everyone in my family […]

How to Make a Perfect Americano

A quick but detailed guide on how to make an Americano at home that is perfect for your taste. A scientific but fun approach that makes things super easy.

My favorite coffee drink is an Americano. I love a good espresso, I drink it almost daily, but  more often than not I go for an Americano. I like it black and without any sugar. Needless to say, to be enjoyable without sugar or milk, it needs to be nearly perfect. You will notice a difference […]

How to Make Cherry Pie Filling (Sweet or Sour Cherries)

Learn how to make cherry pie filling with this super simple guide. It takes only 10 minutes and you will get the best tasting cherry pie fililng without any preservatives, food coloring and allergens.

In hindsight, if I knew how easy it was to make and how good homemade cherry pie filling would taste I would have never bought commercial cherry pie filling in the past. Ever! This recipe evolved over time. I think it got better with each iteration. I could even go as far as saying that it’s […]

Creme Fraiche Substitute


Creme fraiche (crème fraîche) is a soured cream containing about 30–45% butterfat and having a pH of around 4.5. It is soured with bacterial culture, but is less sour than the U.S.-style sour cream. Creme fraiche also has a lower viscosity and a higher fat content compared to sour cream which contains about 20% butterfat. A good substitute for […]

How To Bake Chicken Wings – The Art of The Perfect Wing

Here is my take on how to bake chicken wings to perfection - crispy skinned, tender and juicy on the inside, ridiculously flavorful and tasty. Just perfect!

Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, these baked chicken wings are ridiculously flavorful and tasty. The best part is, you can make even a large party batch in just 30 minutes or so. I used to be a chicken wing snob, or traditionalist, or something like that, thinking that the best chicken […]

Best Way to Cook Brats – To Beer or Not To Beer

Here is the best way to cook brats to end with juicy, flavorful sausages that snap when you bite into them.

After I posted about How to Make Bratwurst at Home I got quite a few emails inquiring about the best way to cook brats and what my preferred cooking method was. Some of my readers also recommended trying the Wisconsin style beer brats. Those questions and suggestions got me thinking and I decided to experiment […]

How to Make Espresso at Home Like a Pro

A comprehensive guide on how to make espresso at home like a pro. Homemade espresso will cost you 10 times less and will rival best espressos out there. Rancilio Silvia and Mazzer Mini.

If you and other members of your family like espresso or espresso based drinks you’ve probably noticed that they cost you a small fortune every month. And the prices just keep going up and up, while the quality on average is going down. That was the primary reason why I started making espresso at home about 10 […]

How to Brine Chicken

Chicken Breast Brine is essential when cooking white chicken meat. This chicken breast brine recipe will forever change the way you cook your chicken breasts.

Most meats when overcooked will have an inferior texture and taste, but this is especially true with chicken breast meat, the most favored part of chicken in America. Did you know that in 2013 chicken became the most popular meat in America, surpassing beef the first time in over 100 years? Fortunately, soaking chicken in […]