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by victor

About i FOOD Blogger

The idea behind this culinary website is quite simple: I like to cook and I like to share my food, finding it highly rewarding and motivating to see people enjoy my cooking or my recipes.

I am often asked for recipes, techniques and kitchen tools I use. After dozens and dozens of emails with recipes and pictures, it felt like having all that information in one central place would be the way to go, for all those who are interested. I myself also appreciate the idea of a virtual recipe box, which I can access at any time, from anywhere. That’s how the idea of a food blog was born.

About me

My name is Victor Vitaly and I live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world – Toronto, Canada. I am a food blogger and creator of i FOOD Blogger. I am an Information Technology professional by day, while cooking and blogging are my passions to which I devote most of my free time. I have been cooking for myself, family and friends since I was a teenager. I enjoy cooking various types of food,
without any preferences for a specific cuisine. I like to indulge in not-so-healthy food every now and again, but most of the time I cook healthy or healthier dishes. Great taste and complexity of flavors is what I am trying to achieve. Tastes differ as they say.  I find it very true in my case as I often change recipes from others to satisfy my personal taste and the tastes of those I cook for. I also enjoy experimenting and creating my own recipes.

I have been enjoying photographing my food and sharing pictures with my friends for years, but I am still learning. This has become one of my top favorite hobbies that I enjoy as much as I do cooking. A great tasting dish must look just as tasty, and that’s what I am learning to do.

My family and I love to travel, enjoying new experiences and new food. One of my addictions is to replicate at home dishes that I really liked, no matter how difficult, and even make them better for my personal taste.

I like simplicity and practicality in my cooking approach. Overly complex recipes often demotivate me. If I particularly enjoy a dish that is very complex and time consuming to prepare, I like to find ways to simplify it while not losing its character.

I hope you find my website useful and enjoyable.